COVID-19 Disinfection Control

The virus has affected every family and business in South Africa and that is why we have worked hard to provide services to ensure we do our part to combat and slow this virus down.

Post Construction Services

We know all about the dirt and debris that is left behind, and are fully-equipped to meet and exceed the high standard clean up services required on your construction site

Carpet Cleaning

Your floor is one of the first things guests or clients notice when they walk into your business; make a good impression with our affordable carpet cleaning service .

Domestic Cleaning

We are the best when it comes to the cleaning of your carpets,sofas,chairs and curtains be it in the home or for your business.

Window Cleaning

‘Reflect’ on this! – Windows are one of the first things one notices when approaching a building, and dirty windows can make the smartest house or office building look cheap and uninviting.


Our team comprises of professional, dedicated and caring individuals that will ensure every object is returned with the highest level of hygienically clean laundry; including our quality services and standards.

Contract Cleaning

Daily contract cleaning for various industries, Retail, Industrial Corporate/Commercial, Education, Hospitality.